Here is the simple way how you can make money online for free and in a simple way. These method does not require any skill and special knowledge. You just have to do what you are doing already online.

Well this is very basic you will need the following resources.

1) A computer with internet connection
2) Payment processor
3) Paid to click website

Payment processor is the most important you need this to get your earned money. There are two types of payment processors. Paypal and payza, it depends upon you how you can make money online and get paid. I use payza because paypal is not accepted in my country.

Sin up on and for payment processor.

What is paid to click websites? This is the advertisement website. There are millions of web sites on the internet, some of them might fall in scam in the future but you will also find legit and trusted web sites for years. So I am giving you some website which are 100% legit. You can make money by clicking and telling your friends very easily.

Here is the detail how you can make money online with neobux
 Neobux is an advertising web sites. This website displays advertisement on members account and pays if a member clicks those advertisement. Sin up with Neobux login to your account and click the adds given to you members area. Earn $2 by clicking adds given and withdraw your money through payza or paypal. Refer other people to make earn commission. This is the simple guide how you can make money online.

Here is the second guide how you make money online with clixsense
This also the most trusted website around the internet. It has many methods how you can make money online. These web site offers getting paid to click, getting paid to complete task and getting paid to complete surveys. This web is simple and trusted. This website pays you $1 for each user you bring to clixsense. You will also get chance to earn up to $5 by clicking of click grid game. Just sin up with the web site, log in to your account and start clicking adds.

If you have any question just leave a comment. I guide you through. This is basic guide how you can make money online. I will show you how to make more money with these website in the coming post.